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Our Air Ambulance Jamaica Mission is strong.

At EMED (Emedical Global Jamaica Ltd.) our mission is to provide our members with an innovative healthcare solution that facilitates access to high quality air ambulance evacuation services, physicians, and healthcare facilities.

Our Air Ambulance Jamaica Vision is clear.

EMED'S vision is to be the leader in affordable access to air ambulance services in the Caribbean region.

Air Ambulance Jamaica Company Overview

EMED was founded in 2010 by two emergency medicine entrepreneurs and is headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica. The company is the only Jamaican government approved air ambulance provider offering services globally from its Kingston, Jamaica hub. The company has also expanded into the medical technology business offering cost effective solutions to solve the problems of todays healthcare industry.

The companies expansion into this technology area is critical to the patients assurance to receive quality healthcare” said Duane Boise EMED’s President and CEO. "When emergencies arise digitized records provide a fast, secure, cost-effective way to share patient information. This will greatly improve our response and referral time of our patients to quality healthcare institutions”.

EMED'S mobile healthcare applications offers proprietary technology that empowers patients to make betterhealthcare decisions.

EMED helps patients and caregivers answer the two most common medical

"What could be wrong?”

"Where should I go for treatment?”

Caribbean consumers will be able to download the EMED mobile app on their Blackberry, iPhone, and Android devices which provides users with information on how to access emergency air ambulance services and communicates critical hospital facility and service information to patients.