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Air Ambulance Jamaica

About: EMed Jamaica 
We provide Ground Ambulance & Air Ambulance services to Jamaica and the Caribbean.
We have been flying patients for over 20 years through out all the islands of the Caribbean. We are located in Kingston Jamaica and Montego-Bay Jamaica. You can call us for a price quote and or immediate emergency air ambulance services at 876-275-1119 or 876-312-1119 or 876-809-1119.

CALL 876-275-1119 for immediate emergency response.
We service all of the Caribbean region including, Jamaica, Cuba, Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Our Mobay offices are open 24/7 and we service Port Falmouth along with Disney Cruise ships and Royal Caribbean. Our Emergency numbers: 876-275-1119 / 876-312-1119 / 876-809-1119.

Emergencies Know No Boundaries.
Medical emergencies strike anywhere, at any time, at any place – and always without warning. One low monthly membership fee protects you and your family from the unexpected emergency. EMED Ground & Air Ambulance Jamaica is ready when you need us. We offer the fastest emergency ground and air ambulance service from the minute we receive the emergency call from ground to air to your destination.

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When you Prepare for an Emergency, the Emergency Ceases to Exist
In an emergency situation you want fast immediate urgent care. You can't wait for your banker, insurance company, and hospital to decide your fate. EMED Jamaica will move you from point to point in a fast, professional and safe manner. We have a certified team of medical professionals who have experience in medical emergency Ground & Air ambulance and medical escort services that make EMED the most trusted Air Ambulance company in the Caribbean. We hope you will choose the best for your patient or family member we know you will choose EMED Jamaica your choice of the Caribbean.

Recent Testimonials

"I want to thank you first and foremost for being professional and literally saving Roy's life and with all my heart and soul I thank EMed for literally being the only help I had with my husband in Jamaica. It was by far the scariest and most horrid event in my entire life. I am more thankful to the e-Med group than you will ever know. I expressed that towards EMed team of medical professionals that helped me get my husband the care he needed. I was in a life-threatening condition with my spouse of 40 years, no phone, very little actual money in my possession, and honestly thought my husband was gong to die. EMed is the real deal." - Sincerely, Renee Robertson

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Air Ambulance Jamaica

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Join EMed Group Membership like the JCSA, COK and many other local Jamaican and international hotels and businesses.

EMed medical flight protects you and your family when the unexpected strikes.

When you or your family members fall seriously ill, are injured by a serious accident, or need specialized treatment; flying to an international hospital destination can make the difference for your survival. Air Ambulance fixed wing has become the major difference in saving lives in Jamaica. We are known for our air ambulance service through out Jamaica and the Caribbean.

EMed Specialist of Jamaica provides broad access for Jamaican citizens.

We accomplish this by offering affordable, high quality ground ambulance & air ambulance and global healthcare services. We offer our members discounted rates on medical services and non-members get the lowest rate possible when the emergency arises. We work with insurance companies and hospitals around the Caribbean and the U.S. We are now also offering medical flight services from Turks and Caicos! Call 876-312-1119 today for details!

Emergency Air Ambulance and Ground Ambulance Services for you or your Business!
Join EMed Group Membership Program. It's one low monthly fee that protect you and your family. This is NOT insurance it is a group membership program designed around making emergency services affordable and available. If your company would like to speak to our team on how you can protect your employees from the unexpected emergency please call or fill out our online form. 876-312-1119 please mention you found this website when you call.

Your employees will thank you!

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