EMed's Air Ambulance and Ground Services rated by Chamber of Commerce

By abby, Updated: 06/18/2013 at 7:28pm - Uncategorized
EMed Jamaica's Medical Services were recently rated by the Chamber of Commerce. In the rating the full Air Ambulance service as well as full ground ambulance team was deemed "Excellent" by the chamber. Their "professional services" as well as their "fast acting" response time was what set them apart as a leader in their field. EMed Jamaica's favorable response is no surprise as they are leading the area in medical services and technology. EMed's CEO, Duane Boise, unveiled the newest Electronic Health Record system in Jamaica.  Duane said "Because of our new interoperability electronic health record system lives will be saved faster and information on the patient will be accurate." EMed also brought the newest Electronic Cardio Graph (ECG) technology to the Caribbean.  EMed Jamaica continues to dominate the Caribbean medical market through their technologically advanced and quick response teams.