MAJ symposium showcased EMed

By abby, Updated: 06/11/2013 at 4:43pm - Uncategorized
Many medical groups were represented at MAJ's annual symposium this weekend, however none were more impressive than EMed. This years Emed showcase featured an improved electronic health record system that had doctors signing up to join the Emed EHR network. Jason Pawloski, Vice President of EMed Jamaica said, "Many commented on the ease of use and ability to not have to rely on papers being lost as they now can be paperless or paper light. Emed also revististed the Emed mobile health app which many doctors now use in their own practice to help patients understand their diagnosis better". When was EMed excited the most about he said, " The most exciting thing was the personal health record system PHR that allows doctors to have better and more detail information from the patient. This system along with all systems Emed has created has improved the way people are cared for and after all it's all about the people." To learn more about EMed Jamaica call 1-876-312-1119 today.

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