Could there be a cure soon?

By abby, Updated: 04/24/2013 at 5:52pm - Uncategorized
"Dr. Lowe, 74, the executive chairman of Eden Gardens and Biotech R&D Institute, is, by his own admission, in a hurry to transform his findings on the efficacy of the Jamaican ball moss, found on electricity lines and has the capability to destroy cancerous cells in humans. His findings were released publicly in 2010 and reported extensively in leading global medical documentaries.

He has since made further inroads in the cancer-cure research with the development of what is termed in scientific jargon 'Kinases', a group of enzymes used extensively to transmit signals and control processes in cells.

Only three years ago, Lowe released his findings that captured the attention of the world that the moss ball appeared capable of shocking cancer cell into harmless retreat. His research was proved to be consistently and overwhelming positive on animals infected with cancerous cells."
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