Toilet paper scare in Jamaica - Electronic Health Records could help stop outbreaks!

By abby, Updated: 04/17/2013 at 7:19pm - Uncategorized
The Bureau of Standards Jamaica tests conducted on toilet-paper brands found levels of bacteria which could lead to infections in users. Several toilet paper brands in Jamaica have been found to carry the bacteria.
"The Ministry of Health is aware of strong public sentiment following recent reports of high bacterial load on samples of at least four brands of household toilet tissue," Chief Medical Officer Michael Coombs said in a statement.
"We take even more interest in this matter as indications are that the Bureau of Standards' testing of several brands was prompted by reports of gynaecological incidents."
Coombs said the test results and the reported incidents bear implications for public health and safety.
He added that his office has launched an investigation into the circumstances of both the reports of the BSJ tests and the gynaecological incidents.
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