Leading Causes of Death in Jamaica

By abby, Updated: 02/20/2013 at 9:04am - Uncategorized
The most common causes of death are cerebrovascular accidents (13.6%), pneumonia (9.4%), pulmonary embolism (7.4%), ischaemic heart disease (7.0%) and diabetes mellitus (6.1%). These findings contrasted with those from developed countries in which ischaemic heart disease is the commonest cause of sudden death. Hypertension was associated with the majority of cases of cerebrovascular accident and congestive cardiac failure (78.1 and 61.9%, respectively).

Many of these deaths would not of occurred had the patient received immediate attention. Often this means having Medical Air Transportation Services available! Emed's Air Ambulance Service of Jamaica is here to help! Call 1-876-312-1119 for more details! Before it's too late!