EMED Air Ambulance to go digital to protect patients

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EMED has signed an exclusive agreement with LIFEDOX, Inc. to provide the electronic health records system, the first of its type for Jamaica and the Caribbean. EMEDLIFEDOX and its technology enables patients and medical providers the ability to easily compile patient medical data and share with other medical professionals within the EMEDLIFEDOX system in realtime. The electronic health care system is fully interoperable, secure, scalable and inexpensive.

The technology also provides the physician with diagnostics, real-time treatment information, the ability for doctors to dictate information, electronic-prescribing as well as a patient billing system. Winchester Medical & Surgical Center in Kingston (a high quality healthcare facility that supplies medical services for the Caribbean region) will be the first facility to participate in the programme.

EMED is known for the provision of emergency air ambulance service to Jamaica and the entire Caribbean.“The companies expansion into this technology area is critical to the patients assurance to receive quality healthcare” said Duane Boise EMED’s President and CEO. “When emergencies arise digitized records provide a fast, secure, cost-effective way to share patient information.

This will greatly improve our response and referral time to quality healthcare institutions in the United States and Caribbean region.” THE TECHNOLOGY EMEDLIFEDOX makes use of unique technology developed by the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) and its President, Dr. Robert Kahn, a co-inventor of the Internet. Having tested the system with over a billion records it shows that it is flexible, secure and scalable.

CNRI’s digital object architect design allows for the inclusion of multiple information types assuring that all medical systems work together. If physicians aren’t using EMEDLIFEDOX in their private practices, they lose many benefits, as do the hospitals they work with.

Continued use of paper records puts patients at risk for medical mistakes, ill-informed treatment decisions and unnecessary tests because hospitals and doctors don’t have easy access to information about recent tests, health histories and other important data. “Getting doctors comfortable with seeing information online instead of the usual paper files is the biggest change and perhaps the most challenging part” said Dr. Neville Graham, Medical Director of EMED and CEO of Winchester Medical.

“But now it will be impossible for doctors to work without EMEDLIFEDOX, and the doctors will have come to expect conveniences like having access to patient information at home.” he said. THE TIME FOR E-HEALTHCARE IS NOW “Globally the pressure is on in a big way to get physician practices to go digital and Jamaica is uniquely placed to reap great benefits in improving its healthcare system. It’s in every one's interest—doctors’, hospitals’ and insurers’, and most important, the patients’ said CEO Duane Boise.

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