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Q. What is EMed Life Line and Life Flight?

A: EMED LIFE LINE is a membership benefit program that offers access to emergency air ambulance services to eligible members following confirmation of need by our team of local medical experts. Simply put, members, who are eligible under the program and in need of emergency treatment that is not available locally, will be airlifted in a fully equipped air ambulance to a selected medical facility.

Q. What Medical Facilities do you use?

A: The program provides access to participating hospital/health centers that:
1. Accept patients brought into their country by the emergency air ambulance service.
2. Offer their services at discounts ranging from at least 25% below to as much as 90% less than the standard U.S. rates.

Q. How do members qualify for EMED benefits?

A: Persons are eligible for EMED benefits by being a member of any EMED employer group, who has: a) paid the required monthly fee for a period of no less than 6 months; and is b) up to date with such payments at the time of their service request.

Q. What is covered under EMED LIFE LINE?

A: Eligible EMED LIFE LINE members receive emergency air ambulance evacuation and patient support services that are necessary to facilitate access to participating hospitals in times of life threatening emergencies when necessary medical services are not available locally.
Elective services are also included at discounted rates.

Q. What about medical treatments overseas?

A: EMED’s Patient Advisors will work with members to provide the best options available based on local doctor recommendations, the actual medical case, and the economic ability and or insurance coverage of the patient. From start to finish our personal care advisors will support the member through all stages of transportation treatment and recovery. Our Continuity of Care Program ensures that the local physician and the overseas surgeons collaborate to achieve the best results in member satisfaction.

Q. What happens in case of a medical emergency?

Upon joining the EMED Program, members are given access to a local emergency phone line.
  1. The local emergency line will provide access to EMED’s Personal Care Advisors who will consult with our medical director. The medical director will collaborate with the member’s attending physician to determine the eligibility and the most appropriate course of care.
  2. When clearance is given, the Personal Care Advisor and Operations Manager [Transfer Manager] will facilitate the member’s access to the determined services.
  3. The Operations Manager will facilitate the travel plans (with or without air ambulance) including emergency visa authorization, as well as the hospital admission arrangements, assuming authorization protocols have been met.
  4. EMED’s Personal Care Advisor will manage the case from inception and will facilitate continuity of care until the patient returns home.

EMED Life Line is committed to making a life-saving difference in emergency care!

EMED’s Life Line program is a group membership program that provides members with the appropriately equipped medical airplanes for transport to the appropriate healthcare facility.

This program is not an insurance plan; therefore it is not limited by the complex language, restrictions, and conditions of standard insurance policies. EMED’s air ambulance staff is available to facilitate group members access to program features around the clock on 365 days a year - which means members have continuous access to emergency services instead of having to wait for an office to open.
The program works from our Jamaica base and is augmented by a regional fleet of emergency air ambulance aircraft. Therefore, in a moment’s notice support can be dispatched to transfer the member to the hospital. EMED’s Patient Advisory staff and flight directors are coordinating each case from start to finish with the help of all appropriate resources for the medical emergency or treatment.

"When your life depends on it... You can depend on EMED”

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