Air Ambulance Dominican Republic

EMED provides emergency air ambulance services to the Dominican Republic.

The Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS) is an advanced medical center providing services that respond to the health care needs of people. They work with clear and defined objectives, aimed at preserving and promoting health, with a work ethic based on a commitment to the all people. Their health services are supported by a team of professionals with broad-based experience and strong vocation, and a commitment to the principles of equity and respect for life. It is also based on high scientific and technological standards and subject to the strictest international criteria ICD9/10 rules.  If you have an emergency call 876.275.1119 for immediate air ambulance support.  EMED can arrange many different medical concierge services in the Dominican Republic and has streamlined the emergency air ambulance service to make your loved ones air ambulance service fast and comfortable.

Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago, formally inaugurated as a private hospital, received an excellent response from the national and international public, positioning itself as a center for reference. It has continued to grow and expand its services and has developed health tourism thanks to EMED its structural and technological facilities are excellent and provide superior training grounds for medical teams, making the most of the Dominican Republic's medical resources. EMED air ambulance provides flights to and from this hospital.