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August 30, 2014 07:35pm EDT


Kingston Jamaica,--(Marketwire - August 30,2014)- EMEDICAL GLOBAL JAMAICA LTD.(EMED),Jamaica’s premier air ambulance evacuation service today announced that it has entered into an agreement with the

Port Authority of Jamaica. This agreement allows EMED's emergency ground and air ambulance evacuation services for cruise ship passengers traveling to Jamaica.

EMED is a known leader and innovator in the ground, air ambulance, concierge medical employee group services, and medical technology solutions. EMED has positioned a fully equipped air ambulance aircraft at Tinson Pen Aerodome, Kingston, Jamaica. EMED will provide services for cruise ship passengers in need of emergency evacuation services.


According to CEO DuaneBoise, "EMED offers this critical servicein support of Jamaicas mature tourist industry which allows tourists the peace of mind that in the event of a medical emergency they have a trusted advocate

while far from home." Mr. Boise further stated, "When you are sick and need to recuperate we giveour patients the ability to fly home and feel better."


EMED has developed many new technologies that make it easierfor doctors,flight nurses and paramedics to have up-to-date health information that is accessible in a moments notice.


In support of EMED's venture with the Port Authority of Jamaica EMED has developed a one of a kind mobile application for Android, Apple and Blackberry devices that allows tourists to easily access EMED's emergency ground and air ambulance services, approved network of Physicians and hospitals in a moments notice.


Jason Pawloski Chief Technology Officer for EMED, said, "The importance of rapid response to critically ill or injuredpatients cannotbe overstated. Those who followthese critical emergencies know the value of

technology. We have mergedour technology with medical preparedness

which makes our health IT products and services unique.

Recently EMED has developed specific services for the islands largest union

The Jamaica Civil Service Association(JCSA). Also, many large resorthotel groups, distribution, manufacturing companies and bankinginstitutions have recently joined with EMED. "Combining resourceswith many institutions enables us to serve a targeted group of customers with a productthat can

both help save lives and accelerate the recovery process." added Nicola Wright Vice President of operations Montego Bay Jamaica.



EMED Air Medical Services, headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica,supports operations throughout the Caribbean as well as in Jamaica.

For further informationplease visit EMEDs websites @

emedjamaica.com, emedlifeline.com, emedmobileapp.com or contact EMED direct @ 876.275.1119 or 876.312.1119

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Air Ambulance Service For Jamaica

EMED  Global Jamaica Limited on Thursday launched its air ambulance service for the island, operating under the brand EMED, with Health Minister Fenton Ferguson saying that the new service will allow access to affordable air ambulance service to just about anyone.

"The advent of this exciting new company will usher in an era of affordable access to high quality air ambulance services, which will serve to significantly enhance the quality of life for the average Jamaican citizen by putting emergency 'off-island' health-care within their reach," Ferguson said in his presentation at the launch of the service held at the Tinson Pen Aerodrome in Kingston, Thursday.
Health Minister, Fenton Ferguson (2nd right), listens attentively as president of JAMPRO/Jamaica Trade and Invest Sancia Bennett Templer (second left) makes a point at Thursday’s launch of the new air ambulance programme launched by EMED Jamaica Limited. Sharing in the moment are Duane Boise (left) and Dr. Neville Graham, stakeholders in the air ambulance company.

According to the junior minister, the service will be affordable to all Jamaicans through the EMED membership programme.
"Jamaicans can access flexible plans that provide dedicated medical airplane transport to an appropriate health-care facility in the event that the required medical care is not available," he said.

"We have been in all of the Caribbean Islands for years," Boise said. "But we never looked at Jamaica as such a large island. What we plan to do is make Jamaica a hub, and whatever treatment you can't get in Jamaica then we will fly persons elsewhere. We have a wide network of hospitals all over that we fly persons to depending on what that individual treatment should be," said Cecil Grinion , one of the stakeholders of the venture.

Sancia Bennett Templer, president of JAMPRO/Jamaica Trade and Invest, which has worked closely with the principals since 2008 said, access to the service will require a small monthly fee which can be paid through various institutions, including credit unions.

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Air ambulance services now available to government workers

Friday, March 15, 2013

THOUSANDS of civil servants now have access to air ambulance evacuation services through an agreement between the Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA) and EMED Management, an Emedical Global Jamaica Limited brand.

Under the EMED LIFE LINE programme — which began on March 11 — emergency air evacuation services will be available to approved union members throughout Jamaica for $500 per month.

Eligible members will benefit from access to air ambulances, equipped with modern medical equipment and qualified medical personnel as well as other patient advisors and international healthcare facilities, all linked by EMED's medical information technology.

President of the JSCA, O'Neil Grant, in his remarks at the recent signing ceremony at the organisation's Caledonia Road head office, said the aim is for 20,000 members to have access to the service.

"That will include not only the members but their children and their spouses also, because of their affiliation that they have to the association," he said.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EMED Jamaica Global Limited, Duane Boise, stated that the programme will provide "lifesaving" services and health information to those in need in collaboration with local physicians to ensure that patients have access to the most appropriate technologies and care possible.

Operations Manager of EMED, Cecil Grinion informed that the initiative ensures that once an emergency occurs, preparations are already in place to treat with the matter.

The programme is available through JCSA customer service and EMED sales representatives


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Jamaica's first medical/social website launched

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Jamaica's first medical/social website launched

BY DONNA HUSSEY-WHYTE Observer staff reporter husseyd@jamaicaobserver.com

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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EMEDICAL Jamaica Global Limited (EMED), the Jamaican air ambulance evacuation service, has launched a website that will see persons across the globe gaining access to medical services here in Jamaica while being able to chat directly with local doctors online.

According to its creators, one aim is to get persons to come to Jamaica to seek health care, which, despite the challenges, is among the best in the world, according to Duane Boise, president/CEO of Emedical Global Jamaica.


President/CEO of Emedical Global Jamaica Duane Boise demonstrating how Jamaica’s only medical/social website will function. (Photo: Bryan Cummings)


Boise told the Observer, at an exclusive demonstration of the website last Thursday, that this is intended to boost the country's fledgling health tourism sector.

"This dynamic mobile health solution lets its members connect to the health information and local care they need, when they need it, by providing first-aid information, searchable health topics, a symptom navigator, a GPS-enabled local health-care search that includes doctors, hospitals, urgent care, retail clinics and pharmacies, and even information about exclusive EMED member discounts," Boise said.

The company said the website, www.emedlifeline.com has all the benefits of Facebook.

Boise explained: "It is the only medical/social website for Jamaica. Persons can join up, add friends, put up profiles, chat to each other. It has a media blog, just about everything that Facebook does, while also building a network with specialists."

The website was launched in collaboration with EBIX, a leading supplier of on-demand software and e-commerce services to the international health-care and insurance industry, which has 30 offices across US, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Version two of the application, which will come on stream shortly, is expected to allow patients to visit an online appointment centre and connect to their doctors, make appointments, while also accessing pharmaceuticals.

"EMED realises that the ability to immediately search for physicians via mobile devices gave it the opportunity to provide a better member experience," Boise said. "Members could quickly and conveniently take a more active role in their own health, as well as more easily find ground ambulances, air ambulances, physicians, and hospital facilities. A mobile connection to members would also give EMED the opportunity to gain a more intimate understanding of their members in order to customise messaging according to specific member needs."

Medical director and vice-president of Emedical Global Jamaica, Dr Neville Graham, said the website would be of significant benefit to Jamaican clients.

"Getting immediate access to the most frequently needed first-aid information categorised into four areas — emergency ground ambulance, emergency air ambulance evacuation, symptom diagnosis and minor injuries and poisoning — even without a wireless connection, is great for Jamaicans."

EMED presently serves the Caribbean through the company's air ambulance/health-care benefits business and, according to Boise:

"As the market leader in the emergency air ambulance service and group benefit market, mobile solutions like this help us flex our innovation muscle, enabling us to deliver a better user experience to our members," Boise said.

EMED also recently signed an agreement with the Jamaica Civil Service Association, one of Jamaica's largest labour unions.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Jamaica-s-first-medical-social-website-launched_11052489#ixzz25ZTZAWez
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