Air Ambulance Group Membership Plans Available: 876-312-1119

EMED LIFE LINE is a group membership program that provides affordable access to Emergency air ambulance services to transport members to an appropriate healthcare facility when in need of an emergency air lift. This program is not an insurance policy, so it is not limited by the complex language, restrictions, and conditions of standard insurance policies.

EMED’s staff is available to facilitate unlimited access for EMED Life Line members to our program services - around the clock 365 days year - which means that members don’t have to wait for an office to open to get emergency services.

The program works from our Jamaican base and is augmented by a regional fleet of aircraft. Therefore, in a moments notice, support can be dispatched to transfer the EMED member to the hospital.

EMED’s Patient Advisers will coordinate your case from start to finish with all the appropriate resources of your specific medical emergency or treatment.

EMED is committed to saving lives!

How Do I Become A Member?

1 Call us today! Call 876-809-1119

Just one simple call will help you get started.

"When your life depends on it... You can depend on EMED”

What Happens in Case of a Medical Emergency?

Upon joining EMED Life Line, members are given access to our local emergency phone line.
  1. The local emergency line will provide access to EMED’s Personal Care Advisers who will consult with our Medical Director. The Medical Director will collaborate with the member’s attending physician to determine the eligibility and the most appropriate course of care.
  2. When clearance is given, the Personal Care Adviser and Operations Manager [Transfer Manager] will facilitate the member’s access to the determined services.
  3. The Operations Manager [Transfer Manager] will facilitate the travel plans (with or without air ambulance) including emergency visa authorization, as well as the hospital admission arrangements, assuming authorization protocols have been met.
  4. EMED’s Personal Care Adviser will manage the case from inception and will facilitate continuity of care until the patient returns home.

EMED Life Line Benefits

Available Emergency Air Ambulance Evacuation
Emergency Medical Consultation 24 hours, 7 days a week
Priority Hospital Admission
VIP Treatment / Companion Care
Patient Concierge Services to meet and assist you at your destination
Multilingual and Multicultural Support
Affordable healthcare access at 25% or more below standard US rates
Access to High Quality Centers of Excellence
Emergency Visa Assistance